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Repliee R-1: scary as hell

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Okay, this Japanese robot gives me the tingles in my spine. Called the Repliee R-1, the robot was designed at Osaka University’s Robotics Department and was modeled after a 5 year-old Japanese girl. The robot sports a very flexible, almost human-like skin. Out of all the humans they could have modeled the Repliee R-1 after, they had to choose a creepy little kid…

This will probably give me nightmares after I post this. Think happy thoughts…yeah…happy thoughts…

Okay, the robot is really not that scary. The music is what actually creeps me out the most. Anyways, the Repliee R-1 sports 50 motors to power her life-like movements. Now, if it could do the Exorcist stair walk, that’d be awesome!


Via: Geekologie

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