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Hang It On: external hard drive hanger

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Carrying an external hard drive can be a nuisance that really shouldn’t be. How many times have you been at a coffee shop only to find small dinky tables?  Where are you going place your external drive? Well, you should have bought a laptop with a larger hard drive, but that’s beside the point. Designed by Sangho Jin, the Hang It On is a 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure that literally hangs off your laptop’s display, minimizing the real-estate your laptop requires.

The Hang It On concept has two swinging hinges that can be swung outwards to create a sort-of hook to attach to your display. The hinges also feature two LED lights that report the power status and hard drive activity. Just like current hard drive enclosures, the concept also calls for the device to be powered by USB.


Via: Yanko Design

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