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Heated Traction Mats: never shovel snow again

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Winter is fast approaching. Unfortunately, I live in sunny southern California and snow doesn’t exist down here. So, for me, the Heated Traction Maps would prove to be useless. However, if you’re lucky (or unfortunate) enough to live in a geographical area that permits a white winter, you might actually find them useful. The Heated Traction Mats are rubber mats that emit heat, capable of melting two inches of snow every hour. No more shoveling your sidewalk.

Available through Frontgate, the Heated Traction Mats simply roll out onto your sidewalk or walkway that lead to your home’s front door. Its six inch power cord must be connected to a 120v outlet to power the mats heating feature. The mats are designed to be left outside during the entire winter season and are also non-slip, so you’ll be able to walk on them without falling on your ass.

The price for the Heated Traction Mats are as follows:
24-inch wide and 15-feet long = $1,099 USD
24-inch wide and 20-feet long = $1,499 USD
36-inch wide and 15-feet long = $1,699 USD


Via: Coolest Gadgets