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Origami: power folding stroller for techie Moms

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Baby strollers can be a pain in the ass to fold up, especially if you’re the only parent around to hold the child. Have you tried folding a stroller while carrying a baby? Yeah. Painful. Thankfully, the geeky Moms at 4Moms thought of a genius solution to the problem…by adding a power motor to the stroller to do the folding for you. Brilliant. I mean, if minivans have power assisted side-sliding doors and rear gates, why not baby strollers? Called the Origami, the stroller is full sized and practically folds and unfolds with a simple press of a button — all in a matter of seconds. Video after the jump.

However, that’s not the only trick up the Origami’s sleeve. The stroller has a built-in generator that will automatically charge its battery while you push your child around. All it takes is 300 feet for the battery to be fully charged. Parents will also be relieved that 4Moms have also incorporated a safety feature into the Origami. A sensor is used to prevent the folding mechanism from activating if it senses a child in the stroller. Clever, no? The entire stroller weighs 22 pounds and is expected to cost $650. Release date is sometime in early 2009.

Made from 90% recyclable materials, the Origami can be ordered with optional features:

– LCD display with a built-in pedometer, speedometer, and temperature gauge
– luggage style pull wheels on front
– daytime running lights
– manual folding override
– wall charger
– four cup holders
– removable storage
– large sunshade with peek-a-boo window
– adjustable handle
– 5 point harness and reclining seat


Via: Born Rich

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