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Coin Lamp: Piggy Bank that gives you light

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Electricity is expensive. Therefore, Jethro Macey’s Coin Lamp is designed to remind you just that. To turn on the lamp, you must ‘pay’ before it’ll work. Powered by a coin-operated switch, it’s a great way to condition yourself to turn on an electrical device only when you absolutely need to. No more wasting electricity! Actually, in a way, the Coin Lamp can be seen as a ‘green gadget’.  However, I think the best part of the Coin Lamp is that as soon as it gets filled with all of your loose change, you can smash it into pieces! I think that’s enough reason to buy one.

The Coin Lamp would probably be best if placed in a guest room. That way, when you have visitors over, you can let them stay in the guest room. Then they’ll have to pay to turn on the lights! Mwahahaha! You’ll be rich in no time.  Of course, you can place several Coin Lamps for greater effect.

The Coin Lamp doesn’t appear to be for sale, but you can sign up for Jethro Macey’s newsletter to express your interest.


Via: TrendsNow

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