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Ampel Pong: play Pong on the streets

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Invented by Mireia Subirana, a student at UDK Berlin, “Ampel Pong” is practically a game of Pong for the streets. Designed to be played by pedestrians waiting at a red light, the game is projected on the crosswalk and the paddles are controlled by the ‘players’ standing on each end of the street. The paddle follows the player as he/she moves side to side on the sidewalk. Interestingly, cars that pass by are treated as obstacles, causing the ball to reflect (or bounce) back. Videos after the jump.

The motivation behind Ampel Pong is the lack of interactivity among passerbys. The game’s purpose is to help pedestrians communicate among another in a very easy and friendly way. Unfortunately, the game appears to only be useful during a red light at a crosswalk. According to Subirana, she wanted a game that would last only a few minutes and playing pong while waiting at a red light seemed like the perfect idea. Think about it, would you seriously stay and play Pong with a stranger while you become late for work? I thought not. But, let’s just hope the game doesn’t cause a player to get run over by a car…because that would be bad…



Via: DesignZen

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