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Drawdio: noise making pencil

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The Drawdio is essentially a pencil with a musical synthesizer attached to it. The synthesizer uses the conductivity of the pencil’s graphite to generate different sounds with each stroke. Some may call it music, I call it noise. Either way, it’s a kinda cool toy, although it can become annoying real fast. The Drawdio runs on a AAA battery for many hours of digital noise. Videos after the jump.

The schematics, board layout, and build instructions for the Drawdio is available at LadyAda. The kit itself costs $19.50 at AdaFruit Industries. The Drawdio kit works with any pencil (mechanical ones too) but the kit comes included with a 2B pencil. Soft lead pencils are recommended.

Early prototype:


Via: Boing Boing Gadgets

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