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Midnight Mexico MiniGod speakers

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Too lazy to make your own Munny Doll speakers? Well, lucky for you, there’s a just as cute speaker up for sale by designer Marka27 at Tainted Visions. The Midnight Mexico MiniGod speakers are made from vinyl, measures 17-inches tall, and resembles the look of a totem pole. However, if you want one, you better hurry because they’re in limited quantities.

The Midnight Mexico MiniGod speakers cost between $109.95 to $119.95 USD depending on the model you choose. They cost a pretty penny for something so puny. But, hey, at least they’ll look rad sitting on your desk. The speakers come with an AC adapter and feature an internal amplifier and a mini-jack connector so you can hook up your digital music player (iPod, MP3 player, etc). They even come with a bonus mix CD by DJ Plan B. The Midnight Mexico MiniGod speakers come in brown, black, and Mexico theme.


Via: technabob

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