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R/C Drinks Cooler: R2Beer2

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With Summer past and over, the R/C Drinks Cooler came just a few months too late. However, there is always next year, so at your next Summer pool party be sure to pick up the R/C Drinks Cooler. It’s basically a battery operated drink cooler that can be remote controlled, allowing you to serve nice cold beverages to your guests while you stay relaxed and sitting on your ass.

The R/C Drinks Cooler simply requires you to dump a bucket of ice into it and place your beverage of choice inside. Featuring sure-grip wheels, the cooler can carry 12 cans/stubbies or 3 bottles of wine. The remote transmitter has a range of 30 feet, which should be plenty for an average-sized backyard. The R/C Cooler requires 6 C batteries and the remote requires a 9V battery. The cooler costs $69.95 via Firebox.

Now, if only you can ride the cooler like this…


Via: GearLive

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