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‘s Baggers Restaurant: bye bye waiters

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At a bistro called ‘s Baggers in Nuremberg, Germany, waiters do not exist. So, who serves and takes your food orders, you ask? No one really. Each table in the high-tech restaurant are equipped with a touchscreen computer monitor for patrons to order from. Once they’ve ‘tapped’ and paid for their order, the cooks from up above send your food down a spiral rail straight onto their table, entirely powered by gravity. This post wouldn’t be worth anything without videos, right? Videos after the break!

The touchscreen displays apparently show the restaurant’s entire menu (with images) and provides an estimated wait time for the order to arrive. Popular dishes at the ‘s Baggers are reportedly are the Fränkische Kanneloni (covered pancakes stuffed with mincemeat and kraut) and the ‘s Baggers-Weldkuldurerbe (an organic rump steak preserved with mustard and horseradish and scalloped with Gorgonzola). And its not just food that goes whizzing down the roller coasters, drinks go spiraling down too!


Via: BBC News and TechEBlog

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