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Recycled Typewriter Robots

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When you see old typewriters laying around covered in dust, what do you see? If you’re like me, you see ancient technology that shouldn’t even exist anymore. But, Jeremy Mayer sees things differently. Working with typewriters since 1994 in Iowa, Mayer sees robots hidden within the typewriters. He started by taking apart a typewriter on his free time and studying the individual raw parts of the machine. Taking what he learned and his love for science fiction, creating typewriter robots was the next logical step.

Mayer basically takes typewriters apart and reassembles them into “full-scale, anatomically correct human figures.” Although, he does make a few creature-like sculptures. It should be noted that each typewriter sculpture that Mayer created required no soldering, welding, or gluing. To him, working with typewriter guts is as natural as working with wood or stone. Just don’t associate his work with “steampunk”.

View the entire gallery at Jeremy Mayer’s site.


Via: io9

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