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Samsung’s SSD: 3 story test drop demo

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Ever wondered what would happen if you took one of those fancy solid state drives (SSD), dropped it from a three story building, and let it bounce on the concrete with a loud ‘clank’? Will it still work? One company, Samsung, has always been touting that their SSDs are extremely durable. The question is, are companies like Samsung full of it? Steve Weinger, a senior marketing manager for flash memory at Samsung, wanted to clear all doubt and prove that Samsung’s SSDs are indeed rugged, despite lacking a ruggedized shell. The test? To take one of the company’s SSD and throw it off a three story building. Video after the break.

Sure SSDs are more energy efficient, boast a 100 year lifetime, and are faster than traditional spinning hard drives. But the question remains, will it boot after absorbing a three story fall?


Via: SlashGear

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