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The Sticky Note Experiments: Post-it Notes Slinkies

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Brought to you by the same folks that started the whole Diet Coke and Mentos craze that you’ve probably seen all over the Internet, EepyBird is at it again. Instead this time, it’s called the “The Sticky Note Experiments”, where they make Slinkies out of Post-it Notes. I have no idea how they even came up with it, but it’s definitely one colorful display of office boredom. One more video after the jump.

To me, it appears that you have to alternate the Post-it Notes in order to create the slinky. Basically, you take place one sticky note down and place another one right on top of it that has been rotated upside down. Keep doing so until you’ve practically reorganized the entire stack Post-it Notes.


Via: Gizmodo

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