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Towel Cakes: deceivingly delicious

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It’s lunch time! Well, for me it is (west-coast time). What better way to kick off lunch than to stare at these deceivingly delicious towel cakes. At first glance, they look like sugary heaven, but unfortunately, they’re nothing but 100% colored cotton. I really don’t see the purpose of these, unless its some kind of mean joke to an obese friend. Who would make such a mean thing?

Apparently, towel cakes are popular. Do people actually collect these things? Doing a quick Google search for “towel cakes” brings up several stores selling various varieties and even sites detailing how to make one, like how to make a towel wedding cake! Anyways, you can buy your towel cake to poke fun at your fat friend at Amazon, Beau-coup, and Japan Trend Shop. Prices range from $4 – $50 depending on where you buy. I guess towel cakes would make a great gift, especially if you’re gifting towels. It not only adds a bit of style to your cheap-ass gift, it may also bring some laughs.


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