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Eyemagnet Motion Detection: Virtual Dressing Room

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Like most guys, I hate shopping. I don’t understand the enjoyment women experience when shopping. For example, buying clothes. I’ve seen ladies practically carry a full laundry load of clothes to try on in the fitting rooms, spending hours trying on racks of clothing. You hardly see that with guys. The reason. We don’t like fitting rooms! We’re men, we know what we want! Regardless, the Eyemagnet Motion Detection, which is currently deployed in New Zealand’s largest clothing retailer, Hallensteins, aims to change how men shop for wardrobe. The idea is to use a large screen display and a camera to allow guys to “try” on clothes quickly by utilizing hand gestures. It’s a virtual fitting room with no need to take any clothes off. Video after the break.

The Eyemagnet Motion Detection works like this. A plasma or rear projection display is used to display the entire apparel selection of the store. A camera is mounted on the display to allow users to see themselves, effectively turning the display into a mirror. By using hand gestures (waving left, right, up, and down), users can easily scroll through all of the clothes available. Once an outfit is chosen, the user simply stands in front of the camera to see how the outfit looks like. It’s kinda like those funny character caricature boards in amusement parks where you stand behind, stick your head in, and snap a picture. It’s the same thing here, except you’ll look like an idiot waving your hand around. Users can take a snapshot of what the outfit looks like on them and transfer the image to their cell phone.

To be honest, I’d rather just go into the damn fitting room.


Via: The Gadget Blog

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