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Mega Buster: f*cking awesome

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Kevin, aka ‘craineum‘ at Destructoid, wanted to be Mega Man for Halloween. But, there was one problem. He’s too old to go trick-or-treating. Thankfully, he has a son he could dress up as Mega Man. So, using a plastic Tupperware pitcher, blue fabric, some LED lights, and a glob of hot glue, Kevin utilized his engineering leetness and equipped his son with a replica of Mega Man’s f*cking awesome Mega Buster.

Kevin’s Mega Man costume comes complete with the helmet and the Mega Buster’s energy gauge! The Mega Buster is powered by AAA batteries, which he notes is the heaviest part of the buster.

What a lucky kid! I’m jealous, I want one too! Ah well, back to Mega Man 9 I go…

For more pictures and how Kevin made the Mega Buster, head on over to Destructoid.


Via: Neatorama

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