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Rock Band Stage Kit

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Is your Rock Band session in your living room not rockin’ enough for you? Is your “band” lacking stage presence? If so, you might want to splurge on the Rock Band Stage Kit from Performance Designed Products (PDP). Slated for a November release for the Xbox 360, the Rock Band Stage Kit includes a strobe light and fog machine. Yup, now you Rock Band geeks can rock out with flashing LED lights and smoke effects. Imagine the awesome entrances your band can make…

The strobe light apparently connects to your Xbox 360 and automatically syncs up the light with the music. The strobe light can also output the same colored light as those displayed in the game. So, there’s no need to man the light, just plug and rock out! Amazon is taking pre-orders of Rock Band Stage Kit for $99. Release date is November 11, 2008. The stage kit is compatible with both Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Unfortunately, PDP has not announced a stage kit for the PS3 or Nintendo Wii.

IGN got their hands on a set and gave the stage kit a 9 out of 10. IGN complained that the lights were less effective in bright settings, like a room with a projector or with non-white walls. The red and orange lights appear to be the weakest colors to make out.


Via: Slippery Brick and IGN

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