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Beaded Lighter Covers With Video Game Designs

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For all you classic gamers who are fans of Super Mario, Mega Man, and the like, Etsy seller Disassociation has made a product for you. They have created video game inspired Beaded Lighter Covers with characters/designs such as Yoshi, Mega Man Villain, Space Invader, etc. The Beaded Lighter Covers perfectly fit those cheap Bic lighters you can pick up at almost any store, so anyone could buy these. Granted, not everyone smokes, it would still be a great item to put on display.

Disassociation’s Beaded Lighter Covers are made of Japanese glass seed beads. With up to three hours to make just one, they are carefully woven and kept together with sturdy nymo thread. For about $25, you can buy a Beaded Lighter Cover at Etsy. The best part is that you can customize your Beaded Lighter Cover with the colors of your choosing.


Via: Sprite Stitch

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