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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Driving half an Audi: LOL!

Nothing like a little Sunday humor. Check out this two guys drive off in half an Audi. I know the economy is in turmoil these days, but is it really this bad?

Something tells me that this can’t be street legal…


Via: Coolbuzz

SmartLock: a bike lock that explodes

The SmartLock designed by Michael Lambourn is a bike lock with a twist. It allows bike owners to quickly and easily use the cable to lock their bikes to a rail or post. However, the highlight of the lock is that when a thief attempts to cut the cable, pressurized liquid running inside the cable will spew and stain the thief’s clothing and surrounding area. The idea is to help you and law enforcement find the thief. Video after the break.

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Qooker Instant Boiling Water Tap

Remember the Tefal Quick Cup that could boil water in 3 seconds? Well, Qooker has a similar home appliance, but the hot water comes out of your tap! The Qooker Instant Boiling Water Tap is available in four different variations: Basic, Classic, Design, and Modern; and six different finishes: chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel effect, brushed chrome, gold-plated brass, and bronze. Making instant Cup Noodles doesn’t get any easier than this. Gallery after the jump.

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World’s largest Pinata busted open: can you say ‘cavities’?

largest pinata

Measuring 28.5 meters long, 7.2 meters wide, and 18 meters tall, the what just might be the world’s largest Pinata was busted wide open by a wrecking ball thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines, dumping 8,000 pounds of assorted candy to the sugar hungry population down below. I’m sure the dentists had a field day shortly after. The Pinata was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Watch a video of several adults grabbing their sugary gems like little children after the jump.

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“The Hand” R/C Window Sign: flip off other drivers

“The Hand” R/C Window Sign allows drivers to display hand gestures to other drivers signaling their thanks or anger. Using electroluminescent technology and a little bit of animation, “The Hand” basically applies to your car’s back window able to display seven different hand gestures at the press of a button. You’ve got: I love you, Hang Loose, Devil Horns, The Bird, Loser, Power, and Peace gestures available for use. So, the next time some idiot cuts you off on the freeway, just slam the gas pedal to the floor and cut the asshole right back while switching to “The Bird” gesture. Flip him off without lifting your hands off the wheel (not that I endorse road rage, though).

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The Toyota iQ: can drive up a wall?

Only in Japan will you see street theater like this. Call them crazy, but the odd scene is actually a promotional stunt for Toyota’s latest super-compact car, the iQ. Using a building’s vertical side wall as a stage, the actors gleefully walk and dance along the side of the building (attached to a safety harness of course) with their umbrellas, all while the Toyota iQ remains parked. I don’t quite understand the advertisement, and unfortunately, the Toyota iQ can’t drive up a wall. Photo gallery of the car after the break…

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