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E-Note: electronic Post-it Note

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Sticky Notes are awesome. You can write yourself notes and stick the yellow paper on anything you want: your desk, computer monitor, forehead, co-worker’s back, etc. The problem is that you run out of them. I mean, I can go through a whole pad of stickies like no one’s business. Thankfully, the E-Note concept from industrial design agency Sequoia-Studio would solve the limited quantity problem.

The E-Note is essentially an electronic version of Post-it Notes. The E-Note uses a tactile and flexible electronic paper technology to allow users to digitally write and erase messages — no more wasting paper! The concept is solar powered so no need for batteries or a power outlet. Interestingly, the E-Note is fully reusable – able to be stuck and unstuck to surfaces easily – thanks to its use of “Gecko glue”, which is a glue inspired by the way lizards are able to effortlessly stick to walls. The E-Note also has a visual alarm/organizing function and can change to eight colors.


Via: Yanko Design

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