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The Toyota iQ: can drive up a wall?

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Only in Japan will you see street theater like this. Call them crazy, but the odd scene is actually a promotional stunt for Toyota’s latest super-compact car, the iQ. Using a building’s vertical side wall as a stage, the actors gleefully walk and dance along the side of the building (attached to a safety harness of course) with their umbrellas, all while the Toyota iQ remains parked. I don’t quite understand the advertisement, and unfortunately, the Toyota iQ can’t drive up a wall. Photo gallery of the car after the break…

The Toyota iQ reportedly yields 57 MPG thanks to its tiny 998 cc 3 cylinder, 67 bhp engine, capable of 0-62 mph in 14.1 seconds. The iQ already hit Toyota dealers’ show rooms in Japan in October 2008. A a European launch is expected to happen in January 2009 for a starting MSRP of £9,495 (roughly $14,200 USD). Gasoline and diesel engines will be available. Unfortunately, Toyota has no plans for a U.S. release.


Via: Coolbuzz and Autoblog

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