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Qooker Instant Boiling Water Tap

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Remember the Tefal Quick Cup that could boil water in 3 seconds? Well, Qooker has a similar home appliance, but the hot water comes out of your tap! The Qooker Instant Boiling Water Tap is available in four different variations: Basic, Classic, Design, and Modern; and six different finishes: chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel effect, brushed chrome, gold-plated brass, and bronze. Making instant Cup Noodles doesn’t get any easier than this. Gallery after the jump.

The main difference between the Tap designs is the angle of the spout. Basic sports a 100-degree spout, the Classic and Design Tap feature a rounded spout, while the Modern has a 90-degree spout. All of the Qooker Tap designs have a child-proof ‘push-and-turn’ handle to prevent children from accidentally burning themselves. The faucet dispenses no more than .05 liters of water per second to prevent hot water from splashing on your hands. The Qooker faucet is also height adjustable and insulated.

The Qooker is currently available in Europe. Buy yours at Qooker. Price range appears to be between $1,165 to $1,630 USD. The Exact price chart is below (in Pounds):


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