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SmartLock: a bike lock that explodes

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The SmartLock designed by Michael Lambourn is a bike lock with a twist. It allows bike owners to quickly and easily use the cable to lock their bikes to a rail or post. However, the highlight of the lock is that when a thief attempts to cut the cable, pressurized liquid running inside the cable will spew and stain the thief’s clothing and surrounding area. The idea is to help you and law enforcement find the thief. Video after the break.

The SmartLock’s cable is reinforced steel and cutting the cable will result in the perpetrator to be sprayed a total of four times.

The cable has four independent cores each supported by its own propellant. Two of the cores contain a staining dye and the other two contain a clear forensic marking liquid.

Me, personally, if I was the designer, I’d use acid. But that’s just me.

For a more subtle approach to protecting your bike, check out the Anti-Theft Car/Bike Stickers.


Via: Yanko Design

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