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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Ronald Jenkees – Nerd Jam

Check out uber geek, Ronald Jenkees, ‘jam out’ on the piano. You can buy his CD at By the way, despite his looks, he is not a savant.

Lots of people make assumptions, but I’m normal and I also don’t take myself (or music for that matter) too seriously. Some also assume I went to school for music but I actually went for a tech-related degree (networking, security). Musically speaking, I am completely self-taught but it was a slow process – I don’t think I was “born to play” or anything but stuck with it. My actual training consists of a few piano lessons (I was a terrible piano student quickly went back to just playing) and one year of marching band during my senior year of high-school.

Listen to his remix of the Rocky song after the jump…

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WhiteBoard Pong

ENESS, a 3D software development firm from Melbourne, Australia, demonstrates their WhiteBoard Pong, which utilizes their physics engine in a game of Pong (which we now call “tennis” in today’s video game world). In a nutshell, a computer is used to detect the “black stripes” which sets up the playing area/level. The physics engine then powers the light (ball) to create the classic game of Pong, keeping within the constraints of the level. Video after the jump.

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Subway Machine: Escalator-Powered Subway Art

Using what some may call trash, one’s garbage has been transformed into pieces of creative art — all using a subway station’s escalator and a bicycle wheel. Called the Subway Machine, the sculpture uses the escalator’s moving handrail to rotate a bike tire. The tire then causes a series of gears to also rotate, effectively powering the actual sculpture. It’s sorta like a Rube Goldberg machine.

Other sculptures were also created and scattered thoughout the subway station. Interestingly, the escalator isn’t the only piece of subway equipment utilized to power the arts — think elevator and the subway’s ticket gates. Video after the break.

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Street Fighter: “Are You Ken?”

Created by a french blogger, this probably won’t make sense, unless you’ve played some Street Fighter. I mean, you could of course read up about it, but then, it won’t be as funny.

Hit the jump for the entire comic…

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