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Ronald Jenkees – Nerd Jam

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Check out uber geek, Ronald Jenkees, ‘jam out’ on the piano. You can buy his CD at By the way, despite his looks, he is not a savant.

Lots of people make assumptions, but I’m normal and I also don’t take myself (or music for that matter) too seriously. Some also assume I went to school for music but I actually went for a tech-related degree (networking, security). Musically speaking, I am completely self-taught but it was a slow process – I don’t think I was “born to play” or anything but stuck with it. My actual training consists of a few piano lessons (I was a terrible piano student quickly went back to just playing) and one year of marching band during my senior year of high-school.

Listen to his remix of the Rocky song after the jump…

1:50 is EPIC!