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Monthly Archives: January 2009

LEGO Electronics: For LEGO freaks

With all of the LEGO-inspired gadgets we’ve seen created by fans, it seems that LEGO (the official company) is finally catching onto the craze. Wanting to bank on the potential LEGO-made gadgets market, the company is now planning on releasing an official line of LEGO electronics. Partnering with Digital Blue, a youth technology manufacturer, the companies are preparing to unleash LEGO alarm clocks, boom boxes, walkie talkies, MP3 players, video players, and of course, digital cameras.

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USB Combination Lock: Secure your flash drive

Flash drives are so small that it is uncommon to lose them. Their shrinking size is also becoming easier for “data thieves” to steal them. So how do your protect your thumb drives in case they become lost or stolen? You could encrypt the data on your flash drive to prevent unwanted access to your data, but why not do something a little more simpler? Enter the USB Combination Lock — a three-digit-numerical pad lock that physically slides onto the USB connector of your flash drive, preventing insertion into a USB slot. Think of it as a secure cap for your thumb drive.

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