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LEGO Electronics: For LEGO freaks

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With all of the LEGO-inspired gadgets we’ve seen created by fans, it seems that LEGO (the official company) is finally catching onto the craze. Wanting to bank on the potential LEGO-made gadgets market, the company is now planning on releasing an official line of LEGO electronics. Partnering with Digital Blue, a youth technology manufacturer, the companies are preparing to unleash LEGO alarm clocks, boom boxes, walkie talkies, MP3 players, video players, and of course, digital cameras.

LEGO plans on releasing the smaller consumer LEGO gadgets first, with price tags ranging from $19.99 to $59.99. You can expect the larger gadgets to follow later in the year. It should be noted that you won’t be able to take the gadgets apart, which is probably a design decision to prevent kids from destroying the products their parents paid hard money for.

Unfortunately, the tech specs for the above camera (pictured above) were not released. So, I can’t say whether or not the gadgets are actually worth buying. But, it’s safe to say that the products are being aimed at children, and probably the older LEGO fans.


Via: Kid’s Tech Toy Reviews

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