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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Fujitsu Secure USB Memory Drive

Don’t you just hate it when you leave your flash drive with sensitive data at your friend’s house? Do you wish your flash drive had a ‘self-erase’ mode? No worries. Fujitsu has developed the Secure USB Memory Drive that works just like any ordinary flash drive, but this one will automatically erase itself after a preset amount of time. The Secure USB Memory Drive also has a feature called, “File Redirect”, which can block access to the file contents (or erase itself) if it is connected to an unauthorized computer.

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Lunar Baby Thermometer

Designed by Duck Young Kong (awesome name!), the Lunar Baby Thermometer concept eliminates the need for you to stick a thermometer in your child’s arm pit, mouth, or ass to get a temperature reading when the kid is sick. Instead, the Lunar Baby Thermometer is specially designed to fit between your index and middle finger and allows you to easily take a child’s temperature by simply touching it against the forehead.

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Real Life Pac-Man

Time for a little Sunday humor! Remember those Pac-Man college pranks back a year ago or so? Well, French prankster, Remi Gaillard, the guy responsible for the Real Life Mario Kart video, is at it again! This time, it’s Pac-Man and he’s taking it to a whole new level…out in public.

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Disk Brake Rotor Coasters

For the car nuts, check out these coasters in the shape of disk brakes. With red calipers, the rotors are slotted and cross drilled…well, sorta. For ~$42 USD via Imaginaire, they come in a set of six.

It would have been awesome if the coasters were actual metal and drilled, but then if it had holes they wouldn’t be coasters…


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Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

Check out the Rubik’s Cube salt shaker and pepper grinder. Each of the Rubik’s Cube is made around a durable ceramic mill and only the top layer moves (to grind the pepper). The best part is that you won’t need to solve either of the cubes to use them.

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Color-In Dress and Assembly-Dress

I know this isn’t tech or gadget related, but this one caught my eye for its creativity. Designed by Michiel Schuurman and Berber Soepboer are the “Color-In” and “Assembly” Dress. The Color-In Dress is a dress featuring a black and white pattern fabric that allows you to use colored markers to ‘paint’ the dress. It’s like a coloring book that you can wear. The Assembly-Dress, on the other hand, is a set of three dresses that can be taken apart or combined using a button system. You can literally mix-and-match different parts of each dress to form your desired outfit. Pictures after the jump.

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