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Squeez Bacon: Bacon Makes Everything Taste Good

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Yum. Bacon. Well, in this case, maybe not. The Squeez Bacon from ThinkGeek is sorta like ketchup, except it tastes like bacon. In fact, the Squeez Bacon is made from 100% bacon, or so they say. Available in a 21 ounce squeeze bottle, you can squeeze bacon paste on all of your favorite foods: pizza, sandwiches, sushi, pasta, soup, fruit, and cereal. Heck, you can even squirt some on top of real bacon, for that extra bacon flavor!

If you still aren’t grossed out by now, you can get your bottle of bacon from ThinkGeek for a measly $7.99 USD. The best part is that ThinkGeek claims it has a shelf life of 12 years – no refrigeration required. In each bottle of Squeez Bacon, you’ll get 16 servings, equivalent to 64 slices of real bacon.

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Via: Random Good Stuff

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