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Xbox 360 Controller Soap

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If it weren’t for all of the black speckles, you’d probably think the Xbox 360 controller above was the real deal. Complete with raised “buttons” (including the shoulder buttons) and the headset jack, the Xbox 360 Controller Soap from Esty seller Digitalsoaps has pretty much created an exact replica of the 360 controller, minus the functional buttons and movable/clickable analog sticks. The level of detail is amazing, it even has the four “little dots” on the right stick! Ingredient-wise, the soap contains a handful of oils (coconut, palm, castor, safflower), sarbitol (a moisturizer), soy bean protein (conditioner), and fragrance — in this case, Mountain Dew oil.

Mmmm…Mountain Dew…

The raised “buttons” on the soap supposedly acts like a massager. Digitalsoaps is selling the Xbox 360 Controller Soap for $12 each. Interestingly, the entire soap weighs 7 ounces — that’s almost half a pound, kids!

If the Xbox 360 isn’t your thing, fortunately for you, Digitalsoaps has other video game-themed soaps for your purchasing pleasure, like the retro NES Cocoa Butter Soap and the SNES Controller Soap for $9 each.

Via: Etsy

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