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NYC Garbage Cube: $50 worth of trash

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25 year old, Justin Gignac, is a genius. His idea? Walk the streets of New York City, collect the widely available (free) trash littering the streets, repackage the garbage in plastic cubes, and sell them online for $50 each. The funniest part is that people are actually buying them. Yup, Justin has actually already sold over 700 cubes in over 41 states and 19 countries. Genius!

You can get your piece of smelly New York City by forking over your $50 or $100 over at NYCGarbage. Not sure why anyone would buy one, but I guess it wouldl look good on the mantle or something. Just don’t break open the cube…

I wonder how long it’ll be until we start seeing copycats. anyone?

Via: Geekologie

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