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Fujitsu Secure USB Memory Drive

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Don’t you just hate it when you leave your flash drive with sensitive data at your friend’s house? Do you wish your flash drive had a ‘self-erase’ mode? No worries. Fujitsu has developed the Secure USB Memory Drive that works just like any ordinary flash drive, but this one will automatically erase itself after a preset amount of time. The Secure USB Memory Drive also has a feature called, “File Redirect”, which can block access to the file contents (or erase itself) if it is connected to an unauthorized computer.

The Fujitsu Secure USB Memory Drive is equipped with a processor and its own battery. More detailed explanation of the drive’s features is as follows:

Secure USB memory device prototype

The new and unique USB memory device prototype contains a processor and battery. After a fixed period of time, if the USB memory device is plugged into an unauthorized PC, the data can automatically be erased or the USB memory device can be rendered unusable. For example, the USB memory device can be set up with a policy whereby the data will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, or it will be deleted if the USB memory is plugged into an unregistered computer even once. By storing and carrying data on a USB memory device that allows for this type of security setting, in the event that the USB memory device is lost, the data stored on it will be automatically deleted and thus enable strict security.

File redirect technology

Together with the self-erasing USB memory device, installing the file redirect software on a PC can be used to restrict the copying of data from the USB memory device, forcing it to reside only on the USB memory itself and a specific company server. This can also be used to prohibit confidential data from being sent as an e-mail attachment or from being printed. Since confidential data is prohibited from being written to the hard disk drive of the PC, it prevents data from being stored on PCs or USB memories and later transferred to file-sharing networks, whether by accident or intentionally.

The Secure USB Memory Drive is still only a prototype. Fujitsu expects to have a commercial version to be available soon after development testing is complete.


Via: Register Hardware

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