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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Solar Clock

solar clock

Yes, it’s the summer time! So, what better gadget to get in the summer than the Solar Clock! I’m sure that fancy clock/watch you have is nice and all, but does it have a solar panel? Yeah, I didn’t think so. What happens when your watch’s battery runs out? How much does it cost to replace the battery? What happens during a power outage? Do you like having to reset the time? With the Solar Clock, no more worries! As long as you have sunshine, you can tell the time…assuming you can read a clock without tick marks.

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Pizza Boss 3000: Power-saw your pizza

pizza boss 3000

Get ready to toss out your old pizza cutter! From Fred comes the Pizza Boss 3000, which is a pizza cutter that looks like a power saw. It sports a stainless steel blade and a removable plastic shield for easily cleaning. It’s also dishwasher safe. Not much else to say, except it puts a new twist to the plain-old pizza cutters.

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Loaded! Wallet: look deceptively rich

loaded wallet

Strapped for cash these days? Want to look rich? Well, now you can with the “Loaded! Wallet“. The wallet looks like a wad of $100 bills folded, so you can impress your friends and family by simply letting it “peek” out your back pocket. But that all won’t matter, since you’re broke. You probably won’t be able to afford the Loaded! Wallet.

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Japanese Kids vs. Zombie

japanese kids zombie

What happens when you take three Japanese kids and trick them into thinking a zombie is about to eat them? Well, the kids will kick its ass! The setup: a Japanese TV show hired an actor to play as the zombie. To add to the realism, they also got the the entire neighborhood onto the prank by having them run down the street yelling “Zombie!”. Hilarity then ensues. Watch the kids mount their offensive after the jump.

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Beer-scented candles: smell the drunkenness

beer scented candle

Want to get drunk by smelling beer? Now you can with these beer-scented candles. The candles have the look of beer (including the foam) and the supposed “smell of a cold one”. For under $17 USD at Amazon, you get 70 hours of burn time and since the candle is infused with concentrated beer aroma, your house (or room) will reek of drunkenness each and every time you light it. What’s there not to like?


Via: Coolbuzz

Microwave Potato Chip Maker

microwave potato chip maker

We all love potato chips. But, no one likes the fat and grease that comes with them. Enter the Microwave Potato Chip Maker — a kit that allows you to create your own potato chips without the need for any oil. It’s healthy and we all like that, right? Simply slice up a potato using the included slicer, season the slices to taste, place them onto the rack, and microwave. The result: crispy and fresh potato chips that are low in fat and calories. Check out the video of Petozzi demonstrating the Microwave Potato Chip Maker after the jump.

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