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Review: Super Mini Notebook Fan

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I received a review request from BudgetGadgets for a laptop cooler aptly named the Super Mini Notebook Fan. Coincidentally, I was in the market for a cooler for my MacBook, which gets uncomfortably hot towards the battery area. Conveniently, it arrived last week. Off the bat, the Super Mini Notebook Fan costs a mere $7.08 USD. How good can a less than $10 laptop cooler be? Read the brief review after the jump.


The Super Mini Notebook Fan sports a rather portable lightweight design. Made mostly out of plastic, it features four fold-out “arms” that extends to support the entire base of the laptop. The actual cooling component is powered by two 50mm fans, which were very quiet. The entire unit is of an “open design”. The fans are not encased in any type of protective cover. You could literally touch the spinning fan blades. To round out the design and add a little flair, blue LEDs add a touch of eye candy. The entire unit is powered by USB. I was disappointed to find out that there was no ON/OFF switch. Simply plug the cooler into a USB port and it automatically turns on. Unplug to turn off.

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Okay, in case it wasn’t obvious, the Super Mini Notebook Fan’s cheap $7 price tag should have been an indicator of the unit’s lackluster performance. The problem lies in the tiny 50mm fans. Not only are the fans cheap, they also do not move enough air to provide sufficient cooling to the laptop’s undersides. Furthermore, the cooler’s “open design” meant that in order for the fans to work in any capacity, there had to be enough room underneath the cooler for it to suck air in and blow it out. Unfortunately, I use my laptop on a table, which meant there wasn’t going to be enough clearance for the cooler to suck in air. Even if you used the cooler on your lap, chances are your legs were going to snag the fans, which could hurt you.

Using iStat Pro and testing on my MacBook, I found no change in temperature with the Super Mini Notebook Fan. The MacBook stayed a toasty 90, 131, and 94 degrees Fahrenheit respectively with and without the fan for the hard drive, CPU, and enclosure base respectively.

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For $7.08, the Super Mini Notebook Fan is realistically priced (if not, slightly over priced). You just cannot expect much out of a $7 laptop cooler. Luckily for me, this was a review unit. The only “cool” thing I found was the blue LEDs. Other than that, I’d say you pass on the Super Mini Notebook Fan. I guess I’m still in the market for a laptop cooler. Any suggestions? Let me know.

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Score: 2 out of 5

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