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Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Visual Compendium of Cameras – Top 100 ‘landmark’ cameras

a compendium of cameras scaled

Here’s an interesting infographic that shutterbugs would appreciate. From the folks over at Pop Chart Lab, A Visual Compendium of Cameras, highlights the top 100 most influential professional and consumer-grade cameras in chronological order, starting with “The Kodak” of 1888 and ending with the GoPro Hero 3 of 2013. Interestingly, the iPhone 5 made the list for 2012 and so did the Lytro, the camera that lets you adjust focus after snapping the photo. Check out the entire infographic in its full glory after the break.

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Christmas Tinner – reviewed!

Remember the Christmas Tinner from GAME that supposedly sold out? You know, the 9-layered Christmas meal in a can aimed at gamers with no time to make dinner? Well, it turns out it was actually real. YouTuber Steviejacko, aka Steve Jackson, managed to get his hands on a can and review it. I gotta say, the outcome was pretty surprising — I mean, when Steve popped the contents out of the Tinner and onto his plate, it sure looked disgusting. Not sure if it is actually that good or if he was just hungry…


Via: Geekosystem

The illume – a bicycle with integrated lights


The illume is a concept for a bicycle that aims to address every cyclist worst nightmare: getting run over by a car at night. The solution is the illume with its integrated turn signals, head lights, and rear brake lights. All the lights are embedded in the bike’s frame to keep the entire design minimalist and sleek as possible. The gimmick with the illume is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and actuator that converts the bike’s kinetic energy into electricity to power all of the lights.

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Ninja Shuriken Magnets

ninja shuriken magnets

Ninja-fy your kitchen with the Ninja Shuriken Magnets from Megawing. You can leave the mark of a ninja by sticking these magnets on your fridge to hold all of your notes and messages. The shuriken magnets measure 3.1 x 2.4-inches and each package contains a set of two magnets. While they aren’t deadly, it’ll still make any fridge or other metallic surface look badass.

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Lil’ Guardian Pyro

The “Lil’ Guardian Pyro” is a Team Fortress 2 short film/machinima that won the 2013 Saxxy Awards for Best Overall. Directed and animated by Brent Kennedy, it’s a tale of a tiny plushie Pyro assigned to protect a sentry gun. Does the Lil’ Guardian have what it takes to protect the sentry? Hit the ‘play’ button above to find out.


Garlic Lamp – keep the vampires away!

garlic lamp

They say garlic is one of the healthiest food you can eat. It supposedly helps health ailments ranging from cancer to hair loss. Some say it can even help you lose weight. So, why wouldn’t you want this ‘superfood’ hanging off your ceiling? You can with the Garlic Lamp. Designed by Ukrainian designer, Anton Naselevets, the Garlic Lamp looks like a head of garlic that is surprisingly elegant. The concept lamp lets light bleed through its translucent material and radiate out the bottom. You won’t even need to pop a breath mint to enjoy it.

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