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Giphoscope, the offline GIF player

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giphoscope gif 1

Who says you need a computer to view a .gif file? With the Giphoscope, no computer is necessary…well, sorta. You see, the Giphoscope is a retro looking, rolodex-like flipbook that allows you quickly hand-crank through 24 images (or frames) — which basically makes it a physical .gif player. The Giphoscope was invented by two Italians, Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali, who used the Mutoscope as inspiration for their invention. The 13 x 10 cm Giphoscope is all hand-made from wood and aluminum. If you want your own custom .gif clip on a Giphoscope, you’ll need to send in a .gif file (in electronic form; hence, why you still a computer) so that the individual frames can be printed and “mounted” to the device.

giphoscope gif 2

If you decide that you must get your crank on and purchase a Giphoscope, you’ll need to know that these things aren’t cheap. The price starts at 299 Euros or about $400 USD. The cost to you all depends on how many Giphoscopes you want, any customization you request, and your shipping preference. When you order, they’ll keep you updated on Google+ with photos on the construction progress — remember, these are all handmade! All orders also include a pack of glue pads, so you can affix the Giphoscope to any surface you desire to show it off (plus, it helps it stay put when you crank it). It’ll make one hell of an office desk ornament. The full order instructions are here.

giphoscope 1

giphoscope 3

giphoscope 2


Via: PopSci

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