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Ghost Urn

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ghost urn

The Ghost Urn, from Ukrainian designer, Anna Marinenko, is a friendly spin on your classic (rather boring) cremation urn. In fact, I find the Ghost Urn more fitting. Instead of your typical urn, the Ghost Urn will store the ashes of your cremated loved one in a ghost-shaped vase. Depending on your sense of humor, you might not find it as stylish, elegant, and cute as I do. Each Ghost Urn comes with a vile that sits inside the urn to store the ashes safely.

The concept shows off three main styles: porcelain, silver, and gold. The ghostly white (pun intended) porcelain model comes in five accent colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green. I have no idea if Marinenko has plans to make the Ghost Urn a reality, but enjoy the gallery anyways.

You can view more of Anna Marinenko’s work at her LiveJournal page.


Via: The Daily Undertaker

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