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Hangbag = hanger + paper bag

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The Hangbag is a neat idea that combines a clothes hanger with a paper bag. Designers Parin Sanghvi, Shruti Gupta, and Mohit Singhvi claim that over a billion shopping bags are used every year worldwide and that only 1% are recycled. So, the Hangbag Project is their solution to the waste millions of shoppers are generating. The Hangbag has simple instructions on how to turn the it from bag to hanger in 4 simple steps. Nothing much more here to say than to watch the video after the break.


Hangbag instructions

The Hangbag will supposedly be free when it’s made available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be ready for release yet. More information on the Hangbag is available at the designers’ Hangbag Project Facebook Page.


Via: Core77

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