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Minimum Wage Machine

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minimum wage machine

Invented by Blake Fall-Conroy, the Minimum Wage Machine was built as a project to “distil the act of working down to its most fundamental ingredients: turns of a handle, seconds of a clock, and pennies of currency.” It reflects the idea that most jobs are simply repetitive and mindless. People work to simply get paid — whether or not they like what they’re doing. The Minimum Wage Machine simply requires you to turn the crank and it will pay out 1 cent every 4.97 second or $7.25 an hour, which is the minimum wage of New York City. Once you stop turning the handle, the coins stop dropping. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid!

Of course, the Minimum Wage Machine can be “adjusted” for any currency and the payout scale can be modified to reflect the differing minimum wage amounts. The project’s goal is to spark the worldwide discussion of the value of labor, the idea of minimum wages, and capitalism.

Now fill this up with Skittles. I’ll spin this thing all day.


Via: Notcot

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