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Panasonic MC-HS700G – a USB charging vacuum

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panasonic mc-hs700g

Say what? A vacuum that you can charge via USB? Yup. The Panasonic MC-HS700G has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows it to sport a “hybrid” design, which basically means that you can either run the vacuum straight off a power outlet or you can go cordless. When fully charged, the MC-HS700G will run for up to 20 minutes before requiring a recharge. At full power, battery life drops off to about six minutes. And, yes, you can charge it with a USB cable but it’ll take 5 hours to charge. Panasonic claims the hybrid vacuum has enough sucking power to lift a 6-pound bowling ball. Unfortunately, it weighs 15 pounds, which isn’t too heavy but there are lighter vacuums out in the market with similar performance specs. Watch Panasonic’s promotional video (in Japanese) after the jump if you want to see the MC-HS700G’s suction power in action.

Panasonic also added a few nice features to the MC-HS700G. It has a cyclonic suction (which almost every vacuum nowadays have) and comes with a dust sensor so you’ll know exactly when your carpets are clean. Essentially, the sensor is capable of detecting particles as small as 20 microns. A small display on the handle will light up when it senses dust being sucked up. The MC-HS700G also includes a power-saving mode, which reduces power when less dirt is detected and when the nozzle is lifted off the floor. Plus, it’s green! Nothing says ‘hybrid’ like a nice shade of bright green!

panasonic mc-hs700g 2

Panasonic is selling the MC-HS700G for about $725 USD in Japan. If you really want one and don’t live in Japan, you can plop down some cash on Amazon, where there are third party seller selling the vacuum for as low as $1154 USD shipped.



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