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VAM Alarm Bracelet – wakes you up silently

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Designed by Yi-Hong Chou, the VAM Alarm Bracelet is essentially a vibrating alarm clock. Its purpose is to wake you up without disrupting the sleep of others. The concept description states that the VAM seamlessly integrates with a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The app would allow you to modify and adjust the alarm time. The VAM has 24 embedded LED globes in the bracelet to indicate the 24 hours in a day. Once an alarm is set, the hour in which you set the alarm would cause the corresponding LED to light up. The bracelet is charged via USB with a special USB adapter — simply unclasp the magnetic ends of the bracelet and plug one end to the charger.

While the premise of the VAM Alarm Bracelet is a novel one, I don’t see how this alone would prevent you from waking up the person (or people) around you. I mean, for example, imagine you and your significant other sleeping in bed. You are suddenly “silently” woken by the VAM. The act of simply getting out of bed (which causes the bed to move) would almost certainly wake up your partner (unless he/she is a deep sleeper). Plus, if you were to go into the bathroom and turn on the faucet to brush your teeth or shower, the noise of the water running and you singing in the shower would definitely wake people up.






Via: Tuvie

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