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Mieru Record with Otowa = music box + manga comic strip

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mieru record with otowa

The Mieru Record with Otowa is a little mechanical organ that plays music notes based off the holes punched in Japanese manga comic strips. Simply load the comic strip into the Mieru Record and start cranking. The holes in the paper strips essentially act as musical notes that are read and played by the Mieru Record. The music adds a new dimension to reading manga. Obviously, the faster you crank, the faster your read, which also controls how fast the music is played.

The Mieru Record reminds me of those music jewelry boxes. You know, the one with the ballerina that spins when you open the box. Except, this one requires manual labor. I think the Mieru Record and the Minimum Wage Machine should be combined, so that when you finish reading a musical manga comic strip, a piece of Japanese candy should pop out to reward you for all of your hard work. The contraption is only a prototype, so you won’t be getting one any time soon.


Via: Japan Trends

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