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Nissan Nismo Concept Smartwatch

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nissan nismo smartwatch

For those of you with Nissan GT-Rs, here’s a watch that’s looking at you. Despite being only a concept for the time being, the Nissan Nismo Smartwatch is one damn-fine looking watch. Its purpose is to keep you “connected” to your car via low-energy Bluetooth, which sounds ridiculous, but I know gearheads love this stuff. The Nissan Nismo Smartwatch allows drivers to view their average speed, fuel consumption, telematics and performance data while on the track, and be alerted of hazardous road conditions — all in real-time. The smartwatch also features a heart rate monitor, so you’ll know when to calm down going 100+ mph. Oh yeah, it will also tell time.

Crazy enough, Nissan is even contemplating whether or not to integrate a brain monitoring function into the watch. I have no idea how Nissan attempts to get that information from your brain. Anyways, it’ll also post your biometric and performance stats to Facebook so everyone will know how great of a driver you are. Nissan aims to offer the smartwatch in black, white, and the flagship black and red. The company claims a battery life of up to 7 hours under normal usage. Charging is done through micro-USB. Interestingly, the packaging of the box is made out of rubber tires with allen screws to keep it secure. Nissan has yet to announce a price or availability.

Being a Nissan-made watch, I’d assume only Nissan cars would be able to interface with it. However, I don’t see why you’d need this watch if you drive a measly Sentra (no offense to the Sentra drivers). I mean, the concept is clearly designed for the track oriented folks, the ones that roll in GT-Rs and 370s. Nissan’s vision for the smartwatch is to alert drivers of fatigue. The problem I see is who would want to stare at their wrist while barreling down the track? Gee, shouldn’t you be, oh, I don’t know, paying attention to the road? In any case, it’s still a good looking watch.

nissan nismo smartwatch 2

nissan nismo smartwatch 3


Via: The Red Ferret

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