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Timeless Box: lock up your gifts until it’s the right time

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timeless box

The Timeless Box is an Indiegogo project that aims to raise 10,000 Euros (or about $13,780 USD) to build and deliver an aluminum box. But wait, it’s not just an ordinary box — its got a special lock and timer! The idea behind the product is that you can place gifts inside the box, set the timer, close the lid, and lock it. When the timer runs out, the box automatically unlocks itself and you are free to take possession of whatever treasure is stored inside. It’s perfect for Christmas presents for the kids. You can torture them by locking up their presents early and setting the timer to Christmas day. You’ll then be able to sit back and enjoy the built up suspense the kids will have. Can’t you already picture their eyes peeled on the timer?

timeless box 3

Developed by Ignasi Giró, founder of Honest & Smile, the Timeless Box is unfortunately a pretty small box, as you can see in the pictures. So, you’ll be limited to small items to be placed inside like jewelry, notes, and photos. I think a great use for the Timeless Box would be for a time capsule. Imagine putting some present day trinkets inside and set the timer for a decade or so. When it’s time to open the box, you’ll enjoy all the memories and nostalgia! In fact, Giró frequently describes the Timeless Box as an “emotional time machine.”

So, what happens when the battery runs out and the timer is still active, you ask? Giró claims that the team spent countless hours ensuring that the battery will last a long time. The simplicity of the box was deliberate to reduce the requirement for complex components; thus, lowering power requirements and maximizing battery life. How long exactly will the battery last? Your guess is as good as mine.

The project has 21 days left and has thus far raised 3,498 Euros or about $4,820 USD (at the time of this post). It appears that it’s only for the Europeans, particularly those in Spain. For 444 Euros (~$610 USD), you can get the Timeless Box in titanium. However, 58 Euros (~$80 USD) is the minimum amount to land you one. The Indiegogo page for the Timeless Box is here.

timeless box 2


Via: Wired

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