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Bluefingers – Bluetooth beanie keeps the tunes going with a warm head

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bluefingers hands-free bluetooth beanie

Do you like listening to your beats while you wait at the bus stop in the freezing winter? Is your poor head cold? Ears glowing red? Check out the Bluefingers, a hands-free Bluetooth Beanie to keep the music flowing and your dome warm. It syncs via Bluetooth (duh!) to your music device and outputs your music from the built-in dual speakers embedded in the beanie — all while providing you the warmth you so desire. In fact, you can even answer phone calls with it and still keep your head warm! The Bluefingers boast a battery-life of up to 6 hours with 60 hours of standby time. The range of the beanie is 10 meters. The Bluefingers is washable and one size fits all. $57.29 via Firebox and is available in either black or grey.

bluefingers hands-free bluetooth beanie black_grey

bluefingers hands-free bluetooth beanie 2

bluefingers hands-free bluetooth beanie 3


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