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HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth MultiSpeaker, now with Magic Lift!

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Two years later, John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria are at it again, this time with a newer and better version of their original Hidden Radio. The newer model, called HiddenRadio2, retains the Bluetooth, but boasts better sound quality and adds new features like touch controls, speakerphone with built-in microphone, multipoint, NFC sync, improved battery life, and Magic Lift. John and Vitor are claiming that their proprietary neodymium dual speaker allows it to have 360-degrees of crystal clear highs and some thumping low-end bass — basically, they propose that the HiddenRadio2 has a flatter response than similar portable speaker systems. Sure sounds like marketing fluff (especially with such a small speaker), but I haven’t heard the speaker in action, so I’ll reserve judgement.

hiddenradio2 response curve

I’ll admit, the HiddenRadio2 is no doubt elegant looking — almost Apple-like. It’s Magic Lift system; however, is unique. Simply tapping the top cap of the speaker or pressing ‘play’ on your phone will cause the HiddenRadio2 to magically rise up to expose the speaker. It’s touch sensitive controls allow you to control your music (stop, play, rewind, fast forward, and volume adjustments) with a simple tap or slide of your finger. For iPhone users, you can even activate Siri through the HiddenRadio2. On top of all that, it also doubles as a speaker phone with noise cancelling microphones so your callees can hear you clearly. Supported platforms are iPhones and Androids, so Windows Phone users are out of luck. If you buy a pair of HiddenRadio2 speakers, you’ll be able to leverage the multipoint feature, which allows you to pair and sync the speakers together for stereo sound.

hiddenradio2 magic lift

hiddenradio2 touch controls

hiddenradio2 speakerphone

The HiddenRadio2’s Kickstarter campaign is a success, raising $242,000 thus far with 55 days left to go. The campaign goal was $90,000. At this point, you’ll need to fork over $149 to get one in platinum silver. Another $70 will get you a high gloss black version. Heck, $249 will get you a pair of them. Those that want more color options, there’s the $269 plegde which gets you a pair in any of the HELLO limited colors (see video). Finally, $399 will get you two of the limited edition black chrome speakers. The retail price for the HiddenRadio2 is anticipated to be set at $199.


Via: Kickstarter

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