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Mario and 1-Up/Power Up Mushroom Night Lights

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mario and mushroom night lights

Do you have nightmares of Bowser after playing a session of Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo? Well, then, you’ll need the Mario Night Light for a good night’s sleep. I’d also suggest that you pick up the Mushroom Night Light as well for good measure. For $20 each, I don’t see how you can do wrong. The Mario Night Light measures 3.5 x 3.5-inches and has a removable front so you can easily clean the light. However, unlike the Mario version, the 1-Up/Power Up Mushroom light doesn’t feature a light sensor to automatically activate the light when it gets dark. Instead, you’ll have to press down on the mushroom to turn the light bulb on or off.

1up_powerup mushroom night light 2

You can buy the Mario Night Light from Etsy seller, TheBackPackShoppe. If you want the 1-Up/Power Up Mushroom Night Light, head on over to Etsy seller, emmadreamstar. The 1-Up/Power Up Mushroom Night Lights measure slightly smaller at 3.45-inches and comes in various colors: red, green, blue, pink, and yellow.

mario night light

mario night light 2

1up_powerup mushroom night light

1up_powerup mushroom night light 3


Via: This Is Why I’m Broke and Etsy [1, 2]

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