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PowerUp 3.0 – control your paper airplanes with your iPhone

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The PowerUp 3.0 (which is an upgrade from the PowerUp 2.0) allows you to turn an ordinary paper airplane into something you can control via your Apple iPhone. The PowerUp 3.0 is a battery-powered propeller with an attached rudder that allows you up to 10 minutes of controlled flight. Its features a carbon-fiber shaft, 180 feet range, and a crash proof bumper. All you have to do is fold yourself a paper airplane and attach the PowerUp 3.0 in between the center fold of the plane — right in-between the wings. Then, download and install the app on your iPhone and you’ll have full control of the paper airplane by tilting your phone left or right. However, this will be useless if you don’t know how to fold a paper plane. Keep reading to see the PowerUp 3.0 in action.

powerup 3.0

powerup 3.0 module

When you attempt bank the paper airplane, the motor has the ability to increase thrust to assist all turning maneuvers. As you can see from the videos, it looks like it maneuvers quite well indeed. Beyond providing banking controls, the app also features a throttle control, a magnetic compass, artificial horizon, and several indicators: battery-life, throttle, and charging status. A micro USB is used to charge it. The PowerUp 3.0 is currently available for pre-orders at their Kickstart project page — a $40 pledge will land you one. The only supported devices planned for now is the Apple iPhone (4S, 5, 5S, and 5C) and the iPad Mini.

powerup 3.0 specs

powerup iphone app features

If you can’t wait for the PowerUp 3.0, the PowerUp 2.0 costs $18.99 but lacks the iPhone controls and rear rudders. Also, if airplanes aren’t your thing, there is also a PowerUp Boat for $11.99, which is a motorized propeller for paper boats.

powerup boat


Via: Kickstarter

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