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LEGO MP-443 Grach – life-size replica from Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Youtube user, ZaziNombies, is one heck of a Lego sculptor. One of recent creations is a MP-443 Grach replica from Call of Duty: Ghosts — in Lego form, of course. The MP-443 is a semi-automatic pistol with the fastest firing rate in the game. In fact, I’d argue that it is one of the best pistols you can unlock in CoD: Ghosts. For you movie buffs, the gun was used by Rourke in “Sin City.” Anyways, ZaziNombies’ rendition of the pistol in Lego features an awesome sliding action and a working magazine with some nice golden Lego pieces to simulate bullets inside of it. The black and gray color scheme sticks true to the look of the gun in game. Unfortunately, the Lego MP-443 Grach doesn’t appear to fire Lego bullets, or any sort of projectile for that matter.


Via: Youtube

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