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The Pensée Memo Sticky Roll

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pensee memo sticky roll

Sticky notes are ubiquitous around the office. Almost every cubicle in any office will almost certainly have a pad of sticky notes available to jot down random notes and reminders. However, more often than not, people will write a word or two on a standard size sticky note, which when you look at it, is rather wasteful. What if you had a roll of sticky notes that you can “cut” to the size you need? Well, enter the Pensée Memo Stick Roll! Pensée, for the un-French, means “thought.” The underside of the Pensée Memo Stick Roll is a full adhesive, which is unlike your traditional Sticky Note where only the top portion contains the adhesive. A perforated cutter allows you to cut the Pensée to the optimal size. No more wasting sticky notes!

The Pensée Memo Stick Roll provides 16 feet of gridded paper and comes in three different colors: yellow, blue, and pink. Each costs $8.99 at the Container Store.

pensee memo sticky roll colors


Via: bookofjoe

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